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Interview with Alex Nae and Alex Nechita, Developers of The Underground King

The Underground King is a humorous upcoming racing management game created by Alex Nae and Alex Nechita. In it, you hire low-lives to compete in street races for you, driving rickety cars that include vans with boards over their windows and rickshaws. Races take place in a side-scrolling format; success relies heavily upon correctly timing the use of your abilities. As you win races and obtain better parts for your cars, you must slowly work your way up in the street racing world by defeating those who currently run it, starting with the Jester and ending with the King.

Matt recently had a chance to sit down with developers Alex Nae and Alex Nechita to discuss The Underground King, their ongoing Kickstarter campaign, and how they felt about having the last game on Greenlight.

Those who are interested can find the Kickstarter campaign here. The demo of the game that is seen in the video can be found here.

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