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Two Credits Is Coming To An End

Sometimes, the harshest realizations come on the most suddenly. I’ve spent the past six months trying to get Two Credits to a point where it was even just sustainable, much less profitable. In that time, I myself have not had an income. My girlfriend has been supporting us both and, because of the loss of my income, our financial situation was bad for some time. However, as a college dropout with little work experience outside of games media, which itself has become a far more competitive market with fewer jobs available, I was unsure of what else to do. Ultimately, that is why I started Two Credits.

Last month, the reality of our financial situation hit me hard when we were unable to afford the site’s hosting fees and I had to ask the community to donate to keep the site online. I greatly appreciate everyone who contributed. I was truly humbled by the results of the funding drive. Unfortunately, however, not one credit has been donated since. Because of this, I had been concerned about ongoing hosting costs for some time after that.

Recently, my girlfriend got promoted at her job and it looked as if our financial situation would be sorted out. However, after working to balance our budget this past weekend, it became clear that it was not. While we are better off than we were, we are still a few hundred dollars short of where we need to be to be considered stable. It has become apparent that we will not be able to continue to pay for the site as-is and, on top of that, I have bills that I haven’t been able to put money towards in months due to the fact that I’m not making anything. I had hoped that the site would be making a minimal amount of money by now to help offset those costs, but it is simply making nothing. I can’t continue to spend upwards of eight hours a day on the site while our finances continue to look bleak.

And so, Two Credits as it has been is no more. It was great while it lasted, but it’s time for me to face the reality that it’s not sustainable. As of today, there will be no more news. We will cease to accept new review codes, interview opportunities, and preview opportunities. I will continue to work on my backlog of work-in-progress content until I either find another job or the site hosting lapses in December; after that, there will be no new interviews or previews. When the site hosting lapses, I will downgrade my hosting plan to the cheapest one offered by my webhost and work on the site will officially become more of a hobby. I will simply write about games that I’ve played and various happenings in the games industry when I have time.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at matt@twocredits.co.

Ari Bellamy
Matt has been playing games for as long as he can remember. He got into games journalism during college.

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