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Crowns is a monster-taming RPG featuring a unique genetics system that allows you to breed monsters to create increasingly complex hybrids.

Developer: Ergo Productions
Publisher: Ergo Productions
Genre: Monster-taming RPG
Release Date: TBA
Platform: Windows
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Basic Information

Crowns is a monster-taming RPG set on Crown Island, an island that has been permanently scarred by war. After noticing your propensity for adventure, your father sends you to deliver a gift to the king of a nearby kingdom. In the process of completing that task, you meet a dangerous boy named David and the twisted head of a group of thugs named Beth. Eventually, you become embroiled in a plot to resurrect the Philosopher Kings that caused the war that scarred the land and must do what you can to stop it.

Your key allies in this endeavor will be the monsters that you make Pacts with. As you collect more monsters, you can breed them with other monsters to create hybrids, some of which are quite terrifying. The game’s complex genetics system will then allow you to breed the hybrids to create an altogether new monster. With over 200 monsters in all, you will have quite a few options when it comes to breeding hybrids. Once you have bred your perfect team, you can sell or trade those that you don’t want in the online auction house or put your team to the test in online battles against other players.

Key Features:

  • A dark story – you must stop a plot to resurrect the Philosopher Kings that started the war that scarred Crown Island.
  • A large variety of monsters – make Pacts with over 200 monsters.
  • A unique breeding system – breed tamed monsters to create hybrids; you can even breed hybrids to refine their hybridization.


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