Raiders Of The Broken Planet Opens The Economy To All Players

MercurySteam has released a new update for its online multiplayer shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet that allows all players to make use of the in-game economy. Previously, only those who had purchased the Alien Myths campaign or the Founder’s Pack were able to do so, but now, anyone who has played the Prologue can access it. This means that free users can buy new characters for Gold or build new weapons from blueprints that they find during matches. They will even be able to access lore.

For the time being, the only characters that free users can unlock are Dr. Kuzmann, Ginebra, and Mikah. The “lethal sniper” Shae will remain exclusive to those who own the Alien Myths campaign.

You can find more information about the update here.

Ari Bellamy
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