The Overwatch Arcade Is Getting A Deathmatch Mode

There are few things that could get me to play Overwatch again at this point, having had my fill of the game not long after launch. A Deathmatch mode, however, might be one of those things. Incidentally, Blizzard has announced that a Deathmatch mode is headed to the Overwatch Arcade.

The new Deathmatch mode will come in two forms: Free-For-All, an all-out eight-player fight to be the first to 20 kills, and Team Deathmatch, a mode in which two teams of six players fight to be the first team to 30 kills. Interestingly, the Team Deathmatch mode will feature a unique twist: Mercy’s resurrections will actually “take kills away” from the opposing team, meaning that well-timed resurrections could tip the proverbial scales.

Several of the game’s existing maps have been “modified to accommodate the new Deathmatch mode.” A new map called “Chateau Guillard” is also being introduced; it has specifically been designed with Free-For-All matches in mind.

Overwatch’s upcoming Deathmatch mode is now available on the PTR and will be live in the Overwatch Arcade sometime in the near future. You can find more information about the mode in the Developer Update video embedded below.

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