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The OJO Is A Portable Micro-Projector For Nintendo Switch

With the Switch, Nintendo created a console that was truly unique, in that it was a proper console that could also be used as a handheld. Its controllers could be detached and even split into two separate controllers for local multiplayer games. Because of this, the console can be taken with you on the go and played with other people with relative ease. There’s just one problem, which I’ve found to be especially prevalent in games like Ninja Shodown, which use fairly small characters: the Switch’s built-in screen is fairly small and can be difficult to use for multiplayer gaming.

YesOJO wants to fix this with their new “portable micro-projector,” the OJO. The projector acts as a dock for the Nintendo Switch, allowing users to both play without a cord for up to four hours or for them to use it as a charging station for the console when plugged in via USB-C. It can “[deliver] a high-quality projection of up to 150″ (127 cm),” allowing users to play games on the go without having to worry about whether the screen is large enough for any particular game. The image is projected at 200 lumens “on any surface.” There’s even a “bass-effect dual speaker stereo system” included. In short, it may very well be the one missing piece in the Switch’s ensemble of features.

Surprisingly, the projector can also work with other devices. It has a single HDMI port that users can use to hook up a PC, a phone, or even other consoles.

YesOJO is currently planning to run an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the OJO on October 24th. Should the campaign be a success, the OJO is set to be distributed to backers “by February 2018.” In the meantime, you can find more information on YesOJO’s official website.

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