Nidhogg 2 To Launch On August 15th

Exempting standard fighting games, there are few games that I feel do 1v1 competitive play well. Many of them simply end up feeling as though they’re meant to be played with more than two players, even those that only support 1v1 play. Nidhogg was one of the few games that I felt truly did 1v1 play well. It didn’t have the largest number of maps and its netcode wasn’t the best, but, when played locally with another player, it was quite a good, minimalist 1v1 competitive game.

I was, however, surprised when Nidhogg 2 was announced. Not because of its art style, as everyone else was, but simply because it didn’t seem like the kind of game that warranted a sequel. Nevertheless, a sequel would be happening and its art style was quite divisive.

It’s been quite some time since the game was originally announced, but Messhof announced today that the sequel to the indie hit fencing game will be launching on August 15th. This was announced via the PlayStation Blog, but it was confirmed via Twitter that it will be launching on PC and Mac on the same day.

Messhof co-founder Mark Essen used the announcement to explain why the team chose the art style that it did. According to Essen, the original game’s art style made making small adjustments simple, but that it also felt limiting. A new animation process that would simplify the creation of new animations was on the top of their “it would be cool list” and thus, having previously experimented with 2D bone animation, Essen settled on modular,  bone-based characters. The team then aimed for “maximalism” in terms of character design, creating animated faces and tons of distinctive hairstyles, outfits, and environments. The result is a unique art style and highly customizable characters.

While Nidhogg 2 is set to launch on August 15th, pre-orders are set to open on July 18th. The game’s price has yet to be announced.

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