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Lineage 2: Revolution Global Pre-Registration Begins

Lineage 2: Revolution is a ridiculously popular game in Asia. As we’ve noted in the past, the game previously made $176 million in its first month online, during which time it was available exclusively in Korea. It then quickly became the top grossing game on both the App Store and Google Play in at least six countries following its wider release in 11 Asian countries.

Today, its global release inches ever so much closer with the beginning of pre-registration for the global version of the game. You can now pre-register via the official website and, in return, you will be granted a “Hero Starter Pack,” which includes a full set of gear, an allotment of in-game currency, and “various loot,” all of which will help you get started in-game. Additionally, players can claim their character names and clan names now; those who do will be granted “special rewards.”

Lineage 2: Revolution is an isometric mobile MMORPG that is based on the PC MMORPG Lineage 2. It boasts open fields, raids, castle sieges that can support up to 200 players, 3v3 and 50v50 real-time PvP modes, and moreā€”all on mobile. It also features rather nice graphics, which are made possible by the use of Unreal Engine 4.

While pre-registration has begun, an official release date has yet to be announced. However, it is set to release sometime this year.

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