Hellion’s First Major Content Update To Introduce A Tutorial

Space survival game Hellion is set to receive its first major update on June 22nd, nearly four months after its initial Steam Early Access launch. The update is set to introduce a tutorial, female characters, new weapons, “doomed outposts as world events,” and a new security system. It will also introduce improvements to optimization, stability, flight, navigation, and the game’s “survival gameplay mechanics.”

Zero Gravity Creative Director Marko Smiljanice had the following to say about the announcement.

“We have addressed the issues raised by the players and critics and are proud to announce the upcoming Hellion update 0.2. Along with improved navigation, enhanced flight systems and overall optimization, the new update will bring additional content such as a loot distribution system dividing the solar system into civilian, industrial and military zones as well as an elaborate security system including authorization, a locking and unlocking system and defense turrets.”

A full set of patch notes is set to be published on June 19th.

Matt Chelen
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