Hacktag Brings Asymmetric Hacking And Stealth Infiltration Gameplay To Steam Early Access

Hacktag is the kind of cooperative game that I wish we had more of. One player plays as a hacker, who infiltrates the a building’s network and messes with its electronics; another player takes on the role of an agent in the field, who sneaks around and completes specific tasks. It’s an asymmetric game in which the players are not directly competing, which makes it an intriguing experience. It’s the kind of game where one player has to complete certain tasks because the other player can’t.

Hacktag went live on Steam Early Access today with a total of nine levels; in the future, levels will be procedurally generated instead, providing a potentially infinite number of levels. Players can play together in either local or online co-op modes. Scores can be shared online via a system of “challenges, rankings, and leaderboards.” There is a story, which is told through the game’s NPCs, and it is said to be unique for each player, but it’s a bit unclear how it works.

Piece of Cake Studios co-founder Marine Lemaitre had the following to say about the announcement.

“Hacktag is an original concept with a challenging asymetrical gameplay which requires thorough testing and iteration. We’re counting on players feedback through suggestions and surveys during the early access to go even further with the game.”

Hacktag is now available on Steam Early Access for $14.99, temporarily discounted to $11.24 for the week of release. The game is expected to be in Early Access for three to six months, after which the price will increase slightly.

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