Earth Atlantis’ First Patch Fixes Several Major Issues

When I first played the Switch-exclusive open-world shmup Earth Atlantis, I was less than enamored. At times, it felt like the game was actively fighting me by requiring me to go through the extremely monotonous process of gearing up again after dying. It then further frustrated me by spawning the necessary upgrades across the map from me whenever I collected one.

Today’s patch fixes a lot of the issues that I had with the game. As of this patch, the game drops the secondary weapon that you had before death at your restart point, spawns secondary weapon boxes closer to you and your chosen start point, and boasts a higher drop rate for both items and secondary weapons. The player’s ship speed has also been increased, presumably to reduce travel times. Additionally, those playing on Easy mode will now find that many of the game’s bosses are now easier to defeat.

While I’ve yet to be able to try the patch out myself, it provides fixes for several major issues that I had with the game. With any luck, the game will be much more comfortable to play from here on out.

Ari Bellamy
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