Crash Force Hovers Its Way Out Of Early Access

Following around six months in Early Access, Ascanio Entertainment’s fast-paced hovercraft arena shooter Crash Force has officially launched. The game offers 6v6 battles on a variety of arenas. Players choose one of a number of hovercraft, each with its own set of weapons and MOBA-like abilities, and head into battle. The game’s core gameplay is supported by an RPG-like skill tree and loot boxes that offer players various cosmetics.

While the game is meant to be played in a PvP environment, it automatically fills empty slots in each match with bots. In my experience, these bots are even fairly competent.

Ascanio Entertainment co-founder George Tziazas had the following to say about the announcement.

“We wanted to provide a true unique experience on a blend of class genres that players have never experienced before. We created a game with beautiful graphics, fun mechanics and gameplay, and a customizable experience for players to enjoy.

One of the major beliefs we have is making our title accessible to the all gamers. By cutting the price, we want everyone to be a part of the community. The community means so much to us. We take every bit of feedback we receive and incorporate it to make our game more enjoyable.”

Crash Force is now available on Steam for $9.99, $20 less than it cost during Early Access. Those who played the game during Early Access will be given unique Early Access skins, as well as free experience boosts, an extra skill tree slot, and skill reset tokens.

Matt Chelen
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