The Amazing Eternals Development Put On Hold

After only two months in Closed Beta, Digital Extremes has put the development of its competitive online first-person shooter The Amazing Eternals on hold. According to the announcement, the reason for that development is being put on hold is that, while the game “was shaping up to have great potential,” it simply wasn’t bringing in enough players, which means that number of players that was in matchmaking at any one time was simply not large enough to be sustainable.

As a result, the game servers are being shut down on November 2nd. Those who would like a refund will be able to request them over the next 72 hours.

While it is stated development is only being put on hold, the decision seems fairly final, a sentiment that is reinforced by the following statement.

“This was a hard decision to make, and we can’t thank you enough for your incredible support throughout development. The Amazing Eternals will live on through all of you who were there to make it happen.”

You can find the full announcement here.

Ari Bellamy
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