The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Begins, Founders Program Now Live

Digital Extremes’ latest title, the card-based first-person shooter The Amazing Eternals, has entered Closed Beta. Prospective players can now get instant access to the game by purchasing a Founder’s Pack or they can sign up for a chance to receive a Closed Beta key. There are five tiers of Founder’s Pack, ranging from a reasonable $19.99 to an absolutely ludicrous $1000, the latter of which is limited in quantity. While you do get an insane amount of in-game currency for that price, it seems that a few custom items are what really drove the price of that particular tier of Founder’s Pack up to four times the price of the next highest tier, which costs $249.99. At least you get 25 Beta keys, right?

Today also marks the unveiling of the first real gameplay trailer, which you can find embedded below. This trailer showcases several Eternals and shows off the game’s cared-based gameplay clearly for the first time. I’m still not entirely convinced that the cards will add anything to gameplay, but we do have a clear look at how they’ve been implemented now. It seems that they activate abilities on use and are then discarded and replaced by another card that you must wait a certain amount of time to use. Because of the way in which they are used, deck composition could very well be key to victory.

You can find more information about The Amazing Eternals on the official website.

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