Absolver Launches On Steam And PlayStation 4

Sloclap’s open world melee combat game Absolver has officially launched. You can now jump into the world of Adal, punch people in the face, kick people in the face, and get punched or kicked in the face. As other players fade in and out of your world in a similar manner to that of Dark Souls, you can even punch or kick them in the face…or team up with them and punch and kick others in the face. If you’re lucky, you might find a sword lying around that you can use in battle. As you punch and kick people in the face, you will earn experience, level up, and earn more stat points, while, as you get punched and kicked in the face, you will slowly learn the moves that people are punching and kicking you in the face with.

In addition to the open world PvPvE gameplay, Absolver offers structured PvP arenas. Victories will lead to higher ranks and greater rewards.

Absolver is now available on Steam, GOG, and the PlayStation Store for $29.99.

Matt Chelen
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