11 bit studios Releases First Frostpunk Gameplay Trailer

11 bit studios made a name for itself with the release of This War of Mine, a game that required players to constantly make hard decisions, and its latest game Frostpunk is no different. In Frostpunk, you take control of an entire city in a frigid region that is constantly on the brink of destruction. You will set the laws. You will be required to keep hope alive in your citizens. You will make the hard choices, such as what is to be done with the sick and wounded and whether to allow child labor. In short, you will shape society and the way you shape your society will ultimately determine whether it survives.

11 bit studios released the first trailer for the game that contains actual gameplay today and…it’s a bit light on gameplay, unfortunately. You get a look at the game’s beautiful graphics in motion and some of the menus, but you don’t really get a look at how the game is played. Regardless, you can find the trailer embedded below.

You can find more information about Frostpunk on the Steam store page.

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