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[Update: Goal Reached!] Two Credits Needs You

Update: Our goal has been reached and I am eternally grateful to those who contributed, thought about contributing, shared the link, retweeted our tweets about this funding drive, or even just read through this post. Thanks to the contributions made, the site will live on for another three months. I’m going to leave this page up as-is for a bit longer. Any additional contributions made after this point will go towards paying for additional hosting. I will continue updating the amount donated until I end the funding drive in a day or two. Going forward, I am going to set up systems that make our current funding situation a bit more clear. Thanks again for your contributions. It means the world to me that you’ve decided to put your faith in Two Credits.

When I founded Two Credits back in April, I envisioned a site that ran entirely on donations. Ad revenue was in decline, Patreons and sponsorships were becoming more prevalent, and, perhaps most importantly, ad exploits were making a greater return than anyone would like. I personally experienced several that even affected major sites like SteamCharts; when the ads in question loaded, these exploits would redirect you to a site that would try to get you to download a fake browser update, often automatically downloading a JavaScript file of some sort. Without any sort of ad deals due to just starting out, chances were fairly high that I would end up subjecting my readers to that, perhaps even without purpose. After all, there was no way of knowing if these ads would even pay for site hosting, much less turn a profit. Ultimately, I decided that I would not put ads on the site. That way, I wouldn’t run the risk of negatively affecting my readers and it would ultimately act as a show of faith. I’m not interested in wealth or internet notoriety. Being a games critic is a passion of mine and I just want to be able to keep doing that, bringing my readers the best content that I possibly can in the process.

As you may well know, even though the ads may not have brought in the revenues that I would have needed, going without them is much riskier. Today, just over three months after I began full-time work on Two Credits, we are up to right around 15,000 unique monthly visitors, which is just astounding. I’ve been keeping an eye on our closest competitors, many of which have been around for years, and, although Alexa rankings are fairly inaccurate, we have already achieved a rank that is upwards of half of many of theirs in only three months. I’m humbled by this level of success and I truly believe that there are great things ahead for us.

The problem is that, while our site’s growth is impressive, our revenues have not been. There have been dozens of outbound clicks to our donation page, but not a single credit has been donated. Normally, this would be fine for the time being. I planned for this and our hosting costs aren’t that high just yet. However, because of this, our budget is also fairly inflexible. It’s been a rough month for us financially and we simply cannot afford it at this time.

The sad thing about this is that, if we were making even $60 a month, which is only the cost of a single AAA game, my hosting plan and the tools that I use would be covered and the site would essentially pay for itself. To put that into perspective, if only 120 people out of our near-15,000 unique monthly visitors, which is right around 0.8%, donated $0.50 each month—or two credits, if you’ll mind the pun—which is less than the amount paid in tax on your average fast food meal, the site would pay for itself. That is how little I need to keep going.

And so I am appealing to you, dear readers, Twitter followers, and whoever else may be reading this: please help us by donating. All we would need is $120, as our hosting provider only allows us to pay in three-month increments at minimum.

Important note: To clarify, the site cannot live on without donations. At present, the site is paid for until September 16th. The amount mentioned above will get us through another three months of hosting. Anything beyond the current goal that is raised will go straight into keeping the site online for even longer.

I’m planning to set up a Patreon in the near future, which will allow you to donate each month, but, in the meantime, here are some of the planned rewards, set at lower rates than they will eventually be on the Patreon due to the fact that certain planned rewards cannot be given out without further preparations. While the Patreon will require you to stay subscribed to continue to receive the benefits of each tier, anything you donate towards now will be permanent. That means that, if you pay for a link on our About Us page and our 15,000 unique monthly visitors eventually becomes 150,000, your link will remain there without you needing to donate any more to the site; I’ll even make adjustments whenever you want.

The rewards are as follows. I sincerely thank you for any contributions that you make.

Note: I’ve set up a PayPal.me link for donations for the time being. Feel free to send me an email at matt -at- twocredits -dot- co if this is an inconvenience in any way.

For all rewards, please email me the name, link, and/or image that you want listed from the same email that you donated with.



  • Your name in the Special Thanks list will be bronze.


  • Your name in the Special Thanks list will be silver.


  • Your name in the Special Thanks list will be gold.


  • Your name in the Special Thanks list can be a pre-approved link to any of your content.


  • I will put a pre-approved image of your choosing at the top of the Special Thanks list. It can link to a pre-approved link to any of your content.
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