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Two Credits Is Coming To An End

Sometimes, the harshest realizations come on the most suddenly. I’ve spent the past six months trying to get Two Credits to a point where it was even just sustainable, much less profitable. In that time, I myself have not had an income. My girlfriend has been supporting us both and, because of the loss of […]


Earth Atlantis’ First Patch Fixes Several Major Issues

When I first played the Switch-exclusive open-world shmup Earth Atlantis, I was less than enamored. At times, it felt like the game was actively fighting me by requiring me to go through the extremely monotonous process of gearing up again after dying. It then further frustrated me by spawning the necessary upgrades across the map […]


Raiders Of The Broken Planet Opens The Economy To All Players

MercurySteam has released a new update for its online multiplayer shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet that allows all players to make use of the in-game economy. Previously, only those who had purchased the Alien Myths campaign or the Founder’s Pack were able to do so, but now, anyone who has played the Prologue can […]


Matt’s Picks Of The Day (10/26/2017): Grimoire: Manastorm

Welcome to another edition of Matt’s Picks of the Day. Today is Thursday, October 26th, and it was another good day for indie releases on Nintendo Switch. Let’s take a look. I first played Grimoire: Manastorm a few years back when it was still in Alpha. It’s a fairly cool take on the MOBA formula, […]


Batch 17’s Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun

I’ve been watching Batch 17 for some time now. The open-world online multiplayer shooter continues to look more and more promising as time goes on. Now, with only a few estimated months left of development to go, Baffled Games has taken to Kickstarter to fund an increase in production for the last little bit of […]


The Amazing Eternals Development Put On Hold

After only two months in Closed Beta, Digital Extremes has put the development of its competitive online first-person shooter The Amazing Eternals on hold. According to the announcement, the reason for that development is being put on hold is that, while the game “was shaping up to have great potential,” it simply wasn’t bringing in […]


Outcast – Second Contact Set To Launch On November 14th

Appeal and Bigben announced today that their Outcast remake, Outcast – Second Contact, is finally set to launch on November 14th. The game takes the cult classic action-adventure game and brings it up to modern standards, with better graphics and better controls, among other improvements. Outcast – Second Contact follows Cutter Slade, a man whose […]


GOG Might Be Losing Several Games On October 31st

As of October 31st, there may be several fewer games on GOG.com. GOG, the company, is currently working on merging its Cyprus and Poland offices “into one GOG located in Poland.” This process requires a lot of paperwork, the license agreements are moving around, and so on and so forth. Well, the problem is that […]


Wheels Of Aurelia Drives Onto Switch On November 2nd

Mixed Bag announced today that Santa Ragione’s driving game/visual novel hybrid Wheels of Aurelia is headed to Nintendo Switch on November 2nd. The game follows a character named Lella as she travels across the west coast of Italy during the 1970’s. As you play, you will be required to make choices about what Lella says […]


Matt’s Picks Of The Day (10/25/2017): AER, Nightmare Boy

Hey everyone and welcome back to Matt’s Picks of the Day. It is Wednesday, October 25th, and today was a fairly good day for indie game releases. Let’s take a look. AER: Memories of Old is, quite simply, a wonderful looking adventure game. It’s a game focused on exploration and puzzles, with the added twist […]

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White Day: A Labyrinth Named School – The First Hour

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is a remake of the classic Korean horror game of the same name. Players take on the role of Hee-Min Lee as he enters his school at night in search of something he had intended to give to one of his classmates. After encountering several other students that have […]

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My Two Credits: The Mummy Demastered

I’m not a huge fan of The Mummy movies; I haven’t seen the new movie and I don’t intend to. Despite that, I’ve been looking forward to checking out The Mummy Demastered practically since it was announced. Wayforward is a great developer and I am a huge fan of run-’n-gun games, so I was rather […]

My Two Credits: Claybook (Impressions)

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